Key Stage 3 Social Campout

On Friday September 28th, Key Stage 3 students at BNIS finally got to participate in their much-anticipated campout. The activity was planned and carried out according to students’ plans. After school on Friday, students pitched their tents and enjoyed some free time before they prepared their own dinner. The dinner was a formal affair with students in their best clothes and a delicious feast. After dinner and cleanup, students gathered for the grand finale of the evening: a movie night complete with popcorn. The next morning, they had a casual pajama breakfast. There was even a spontaneous wrestling match and dance party somewhere in the mix! Before they knew it, it was time for students to pack up and go.

With all Key Stage 3 students in attendance, the campout was a success! Friendships were strengthened, and new memories were made. A big thanks to students, parents, teachers, and all who helped make this exciting event happen!