On Thursday 4th and Friday 5th October we held our annual BNIS Athletics events. 

Thursday was the turn of the children in Years 3 to 8 compete, cheer and show unfaltering determination. It was a great pleasure to witness the focus and grit in every child to do their absolute best regardless of whether they were the fastest or the slowest. The children showed superb team spirit, spurring their Podo or Cape Chestnut house mates on with loud cheers and post-race pats on the back!There was long and short distance running, hurdles and relays, as well as, the most fiercely competitive part of the day – the parents races. Parents did not disappoint, with grimaces of determination they battled against each other, and alongside their children, to try to cross the line first in their events!

The day ended with a Cape Chestnut v Podo tug of war. The children took their position and pulled with all their might, their efforts were so much so that they managed to snap the brand new, specialist rope! The weather was beautiful and presented a chance to really appreciate the our idyllic surroundings. 

On Friday, the children in Years 1 and 2 took to the race track with their own sporting spirit and conviction. They showed how well they have been taught to start a race, keep their eyes forward and go for gold! Each child put in huge effort to show their parents what they were made of. Their events included sprints, a sack race, a racket and ball version of egg and spoon, quoit running, hurdles and relays. Their parents also took to the track to make their children proud.To end the morning, the parents accompanied their children around some skills activities including high jump and javelin before moving onto the non competitive obstacle course. Not to be outdone by the older children, there was another tug of war for the KS1 children which, we’re pleased to report, did not result in another snapped rope!

Well done to every child for showing their absolute best, we are very proud of all of you.Thank you also to all the parents for attending, competing and encouraging! See you all next year.