BNIS club together

Wednesday 28th November will see the end of this round of Wednesday after-school clubs. For the last six weeks, we have had: Football Club for beginners, Hockey Club for the experienced, Lego Club, Outdoor Sculpture and Mitumba Club running this term. 

Those in Football Club were given the opportunity to learn the rules of football as well as develop the skills needed within the game. Thank you to one of our parents - Cindy Mills - for instructing the children at this club. 

Hockey Club enabled children to hone their skills and increase their accuracy in advance of hockey season next term. 

At Lego Club children undertook challenges to create models each week. At Outdoor Sculpture, children took a leaf out of Andrew Goldsworthy’s book and created art outdoors, using natural materials. The results were beautiful. Mitumba Club enabled children to transform old into new. Most children persevered across the weeks to change a skirt into a handbag and the results were amazing. Thanks go to another parent – Catherine Freeman – for giving up her time and helping the children sew.