KS1 Superstars

The children and teachers in Years 1 and 2 have worked very hard this term to pull together the 2018 Nativity performance. The play – ‘Superstar’ involved every child, included lots of singing, showcased some cool dancing and featured the usual Nativity characters. 

The final dress rehearsal was presented to the school on Wednesday 28th November. Children spoke clearly and confidently and had obviously dedicated a lot of time to learning their lines. They supported each other on stage - to position themselves correctly and prompt each other if anyone needed a nudge with their lines. One of our favourite songs was the one featuring the ‘animals’ who were a little noisy and needed to be ‘sshhhhed’!!

They received huge round of applause at the end as a sign of appreciation. Parents will have a real treat at their performance on Friday 30th November.  Good luck children – break a leg!