U11 Football Tournament

The U11 boys’ team travelled to Nairobi to play in the annual St Christopher’s football tournament on 3rd November.The team had a tricky start but gained confidence with each game they played. Billy, Maynuel and Flynn were in midfield and demonstrated their skill at passing between themselves; Charlie made it particularly hard for defenders to mark him as he wove up and down the field to put himself in a ready position to take a shot; Theo, Hector and Luca made some good tackles and caused frustration for the opposing teams; and, in goal both Clive and Sam took their turns, playing very well and making good saves – well done boys! We were very proud of the whole team, and we look forward to next year when we return, stronger and wiser – watch out Nairobi, we’ll be back!


BNIS vs BGE 0-3
BNIS vs Oshwal 0-2
BNIS vs BGR 0-1
BNIS vs Rusinga 0-2
BNIS vs Nairobi Academy 1-0