U7 Football tournament - Pembroke

On Friday 9th November nineteen children headed to Pembroke to compete in the annual U7 football tournament. The coaches - Mr Mulongo and Cindy Mills – were full of nervous excitement but also confidence that the children would do BNIS proud. The boys and girls were lively throughout the journey, clearly full of energy and ready to play.  We were able to enter two teams this year as so many children had been taking part in training sessions. 

The A-team played in blue and the B-team in white. All players knew their roles and where they should be, using each other successfully for support. The children occupied the whole of the pitch and expertly negotiated their way to the ball. The A-team were on top of their game, knocking in goal after goal. Daniel, Dibya and Shiv were focused only on scoring which paid off, with only one loss for this team. The B-team demonstrated their prowess in defence, only letting a single goal in during their five games. Peyton has a natural skill in goal and many adults, supporting other schools, commented on her expertise.

The A-team made it through to the semi-finals which caused much excitement for all!  They were pitched against a team of an equally high standard which, despite a determined effort, resulted in stalemate and a full-time 0-0 score.  This meant only one thing......a penalty shoot-out!  Maxwell, Daniel and Dibya were the chosen penalty takers and Adrian took on the dreaded challenge of goalkeeper.  It was very tense and you could feel the nerves.  Adrian’s save of the opposition’s second attempt was something that could easily have been seen in a World Cup game – it was simply brilliant!  Sadly we didn’t make it through to the final though, but we finished the tournament in 3rd place. 

It was a fantastic day, thoroughly enjoyed by every adult and child.  The children were brilliant and have vowed to continue training to become better and better!