At the weekend many people took to the roads, armed with camping gear and bikes, headed to the Mount Kenya Trust 10to4 Annual Moutain Bike Challenge held at Borana. 

Braeburn returned this year as proud sponsors of the Mini 10to4 event which was held on Sunday 17th February.  A total of nearly 100 children took part in the races which covered distances of 2km, 4.5km, 9km or 13.5km.  Thankfully, despite the rain’s best efforts, the course did not end up too muddy or cause too many falls.  It was tough going for some and an easy ride for others but, most importantly, EVERYONE had a good time!  We were proud of all the BNIS children who attended but were particularly proud to bring home the school trophy for the most podium points scored!

Thank you to everyone who came and all those who put in such huge efforts to make the weekend such an awesome, fun and adventurous time!