A huge thank you and well done goes out to our parents and children for the ‘Mountain Climbing Reading’ efforts!!!  The challenge was a great success with over 80 children reaching ‘the top of the mountain’. Please pop to the library and take a look at the wonderful, collaborative  collage we created during the challenge.  Well done everyone! 

Look out next term for our ‘Reading Bingo’ challenge.....

Our reading challenges are designed to encourage children to read (or be read to) more at home.  The importance and benefits of reading can never be stressed enough.  Regular reading FOR CHILDREN OF ALL AGES:

  • expands vocabulary
  • leads to improved spelling
  • develops understanding of the world
  • improves concentration
  • exercises the brain
  • develops imagination
  • makes better readers
  • positively impacts across the curriculum
  • and so so so much more!

For those of you who already had good reading habits instilled at home – keep it up!!! 

For those who developed a new routine through the challenge – keep it up!

Here are some interesting statistics which may encourage some of you to do a little more!