On Friday 28th of June at 9am parents parked up and trooped into school to watch the Year 5 to 8 performance of Aladdin.  The hall was full, the actors ready...let the show began!

With many comedy lines, colourful costumes and some stupendous performances, the children took the audience on a journey through the traditional pantomime story of love between Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. The clever addition of some well-known names made for some particularly funny moments which caused many ripples, and some tidal waves, of laughter to resound around the hall. 

The children and staff involved had clearly worked very hard. Thank you to everyone for coming to watch, to the staff for hanging in there, (even when lines looked like they’d never be learned!) and most of all, to the children for putting on such a good they didn’t, YES THEY DID!