Fathers’ Fun

We celebrated the dads in our lives on Tuesday 18th June by inviting them to school for some fun!  As always, many dads were working but, despite this the turn out was amazing and those who came happily ‘adopted’ kids as their own for the activities.

The crafty table was exceptionally busy – probably because, as we all know, there is nothing a dad loves more than a bit of glitter and glue!  Dads helped their children paint, stick, colour and decorate some tributes to them and everyone seemed to go home with a little extra ‘sparkle’ on their cheeks!The den building was also a very popular activity and it was such a pleasure to see children and dads problem solving together to make their dens stay standing.Throughout the event the field was awash with games of football, rugby and frisbee. Children and adults together enjoying good weather and some well earned fun.

The highlight of the event was definitely when the music was turned up and everyone joined in for some Zumba with the lovely June.  All faces, adult and child, were either fixed with extreme concentration or sporting a huge grin while everyone followed June’s lead and danced to Walk Like Jagger, The Eye of the Tiger and Numa Numa.  It was a sight to behold and joy for all!Thank you for coming dads and thank you for all that you do for your children. You are very loved and the children really enjoyed sharing this special time with you (or with a nominated replacement)!