Tag Rugby Festival

Bigger and better! On Friday 7th June we were proud to host the annual U11 Tag Rugby Festival. A total of twelve teams took part in this year’s festival - Braeside, St Austin’s, St Christopher’s, Oshwal, Rusinga School, Waldorf and BNIS competed. 

The preliminary pool matches were tough, with everyone giving their all to attempt to make it through to the next round.  St Austin’s, Oshwal, BNIS and St Christopher’s successfully made it to the semi-finals.

St Christopher’s took on BNIS for a very closely fought match.  The team work shown by both teams was amazing and it was neck and neck until the last minute.  In the end, St Christopher’s just managed to edge out BNIS with a score of 10:9.  St Austin’s played Oshwal in the other semi-final match with determination and vigour.  St Austin’s ended up taking the other position in the finals.

During the 3rd and 4th position play offs BNIS and Oshwal both appeared tired.  The children had been playing almost non-stop for hours!  Despite this they still managed to find energy to make the game exciting for all players and the watching audience.  BNIS emerged victorious to clinch 3rd place – well done team!!!!

St Christopher’s and St Austin’s both played a very strong game in the final but St Christopher’s had the edge and emerged the overall winners of the competition.

We couldn’t have been prouder of our children who showed their best sporting talent and a great sense of pride in themselves.  We were particularly proud when one of our Year 5 players - Theodore was awarded player of the event – well done!!!