Bag Mystery

The first arrivals at school on Tuesday 2nd July were shocked to find a strange sight in the quad – there, hanging from a tree, was a battered bag, the contents of which were scattered across the ground underneath. The children were surprised and intrigued and there was an immediate buzz across the school whilst they shared their theories and ideas. There was discussion of aliens, foul play, helicopters and parachutes. The strangest thing was that no one seemed to have actually seen anything which led to many children having thoughts of conspiracy and set-ups. 

Throughout Tuesday, children talked to staff, and to each other, to expand their ideas and theories. They visited the scene and discussed who could have owned the lost belongings, what some of the belongings actually were and how the bag ended up in a tree. It was a great event to happen during transition day and their first experience in their new class groups for the 2019-20 school year.

On Wednesday children across the school, from FS1 all the way to Year 8, wrote about their theories. They wrote from the perspective of the person who found the bag, or from the perspective of the bag owner, to share their ideas. This work was their ‘Big Write’ for this term and will be used by new teachers to inform planning and teaching for next year. 

On Thursday morning, children arrived at school to find everything had disappeared – the mystery will never be solved!