We were delighted to welcome Mr Tom Craven to Braeburn Nanyuki on Friday 6th September.  He will be taking on the role of headteacher at the school after the half term break. 

He arrived in Nanyuki on Thursday afternoon where he was introduced to the staff but, it was clear, he was most looking forward to meeting the children and parents on Friday.

Miss Kioko led a special assembly in his honour to officially welcome him.  The children created pieces of shared artwork during the week to show off our school and to let Mr Craven know we were looking forward to his arrival.  Our Head Boy and Head Girl wrote poems to describe the kind of school we are and the choir sang with great gusto to welcome him. 

Welcome to our school it’s a wonderful place,
The birds chirp throughout the day, 
always waiting to peck on our lunch
We soak in the majestic, wonderful Mt Kenya every day,
the air is fresh and cool in the morning
BNIS is an amazing.
Our school holds the future of many students
And of course the teachers,
without them would we not know much
The teachers here are especially unique;
they have a kind heart with a dash of humour.
Our school maybe small but it’s growing every year,
New students, staff and teachers enjoy their time here
Never having enough of wonderful scenery green
and so bright in rainy season.
Welcome to our school it’s a wonderful place,
with birds chirping throughout day
the wonderful mountain watching our backs,
the scenery beautiful view of the wonderful Mount Kenya
this is why BNIS is amazing.

Each class planned and chose a question to ask him and we learned a lot about him through his answers.  We found out that: 

  • He has worked in Mombasa for 3 years
  • He has lived in Uganda, USA, England and Kenya
  • He was born in Manchester
  • He hasn’t always been a teacher, he used to work for a company called Unilever
  • He sees his job at BNIS to be mainly about making everyone happy – children, staff and parents
  • He likes birds, books, hiking and tennis
  • He will miss the people in Mombasa
  • He is really looking forward to coming to BNIS but he is also a little nervous
  • He thinks BNIS is a great school

After assembly had finished, tea, coffee and cake was served on the school field to give parents a chance to come and meet Mr Craven.  Everyone thinks he seems really nice and we are very much looking forward to his arrival at the school next month.