We are pleased to announce the creation of our new parent volunteer group – FANs (Friends at Nanyuki School). FANs will support the school with planning and providing community events such as Farmers Markets, Bakes Sales, Movie Nights etc as well as lead the fundraising side of the school. 

The executive committee was officially created on 11th September and comprises:

                Andrew (children in Y2 and Y1)                   - Chair

                Wambui (children in Y1 and FS1)                -  Vice Chair

                Sophie (child in Y6)                                       - Treasurer

                Mirjam (children in Y2 and creche)              - Vice Treasurer

                Taylor (children in Y3 and Y1)                      - Secretary

                Laura (children in Y4, Y2, FS1)                     - Vice secretary

                Leafy (children in Y2 and FS1)                     - Publicity

Further information about each of them can be found published on our noticeboard at the entry to the school. 

The group have set up three sub-committees that support the school with Events, Curriculum Enrichment and Parent Liaison. They would love to hear from any parents who would like to help in an ad hoc manner or those of you who may wish to become a member of a sub-committee. Please contact them through Judy in the school office.