Children’s Climate Concern

Friday the 20th of September was marked by student led protests across the world demanding action against climate change. Here at BNIS, years 6, 7 and 8 took this opportunity to ignite our own activists by discussing what we as a school, and as individuals, can do to show our support for this cause. Students from across all three year groups showed an excellent understanding of the impacts of climate change.  They demonstrating a strong global understanding discussing, not only the way their lives are being impacted, but also the lives of people from all over the world.Nearly every student in years 6, 7 and 8 registered their interest in forming a climate action group; many of our children already have fantastic ideas on how we can live in a more environmentally minded way, and are excited to see how we can implement some of these strategies within our community in the near future. They will be planning and implementing initiatives to drive awareness but also to do what we can within BNIS to play our part in reducing the speed of climate change.

The first step our children suggested, was the need to gather parental support. Children created awareness posters and asked parents to sign to say they would support the initiatives that will be planned and driven by our children throughout the year. The board was situated at the entrance to our Movie Night event which was help on the evening of the international youth ‘strike’.

Watch this space for more BNIS Climate action!