A Fond Farewell

On Friday 11th October we bid a fond farewell to our headteacher Miss Eva Kioko. She has been headteacher of the school for over 10 years and has seen the school grow from 20 children to over 200!

We held a special assembly to say goodbye on Wednesday 9th October.  Miss Kioko had received a special invite to the assembly in advance.  She arrived to a round of applause as she took her seat next to Maggie and Tim Hobbs who were founding parents of the school.    

Some of the children, who have been at the school since they were tiny, spoke about their memories of Miss Kioko.  Mrs Wangili, Mr Wamukota, Harriet and Nicholas played their instruments together in recognition of one of Miss Kioko's biggest passions being music. 

Mr Lettsome - the Chair of FANs - presented Miss Kioko with some gifts from the parents which included a handmade porcelain vase.  The whole school sang a slightly adapted version of a Bruno Mars song - Count on Us - to remind Miss Kioko that we will always be here for her - she was our headteacher, but now she is our friend. Mr Mulongo and Mrs Bebbington then presented Miss Kioko with her gift from the children - two enormous, framed pictures.  These pictures were put together by Mrs Bebbington but were created by the children of BNIS.  Each child produced a picture of a flower or a bug which were then put together to create a magical garden.  Miss Kioko is absolutely passionate about nature so this was a very fitting gift to her from the school.  One picture will remain at the school to mark her hardwork and dedication and the other will hang in her new home in Nairobi to remind her of us.  

The choir then sang a specially written song for Miss Kioko which was beautifully performed.  Miss Kioko herself then took to the stage to thank everyone and to bid us all farewell.  

It was a lovely morning and a perfect tribute to Miss Kioko after 10 years at the school.  Good Luck, we will miss you!