Biking Fun

Week 5 was Bike Week at BNIS.  Children in Years 1-4 brought their bikes to school for Tuesday and Wednesday to ride around the course set out on the school field. Mr Masafu and Mr Franco worked hard to create twists and turns as well as bumps and jumps. Children enjoyed time during their lunch play riding their bikes. The rain treatened to ruin their fun but only succeeded for a very short time!

It was the turn of the children in Years 5-8 on Thursday and Friday. The course was extended and the jumps raised for the older, more experienced riders who had a great time racing each other.

After school on Friday the course was opened to families for a Friday Fun Family event. Children continued to use the course which had an added mud stream for them to ride through. This caused much fun and some exceedingly muddy children!

FANs held their first Bake Sale of the year, coffee tea and squash was available and Butty Box pizzas were on sale. Parents milled around catching up with each other over a slice of cake whilst the children rode through the mud.  It was a great afternoon for everyone! All proceeds from the cakes and profits from the pizzas went to the FANs fund. They are delighted to announce that the event raised over 17,000 ksh!