Fabulous Fireworks

On Friday 1st of November we held our annual Bonfire Night Extravaganza, and what a wonderful evening it was!  We opened at 4.30pm and during the first half of the event children were able to choose from a number of different activities including:

  • decorating biscuits
  • painting
  • bouncy castle
  • tin can alley
  • having their face painted
  • visiting the tattoo parlour
  • racing through the obstacle course
  • winning at the bottle bonanza

There was lots of laughter, happy (painted) faces and fun had by all. Whilst kids were playing, parents took the opportunity to socialise and catch up with each other. As sundown approached, the activities were tidied away, jumpers were pulled on, the bonfire was lit and glow-in-the-dark stickers were donned. The music was turned up and there was time for a bit of dancing whilst everyone waited for the main event.  

We did our bit for the environment during this event by encouraging people to bring their own cups and bowls for refreshments rather than providing the usual disposable options. In previous years we have always sold glow sticks at this event but this year we replaced them with glow-in-the-dark stickers .  

At 7.15pm, with a fizz and a bang, the first firework was released, indicating the start of the display. It was a very impressive show which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone - rumours have it that the fireworks could even be seen across most of Nanyuki!

By the end of the night all of the food had been sold and everyone left happy and full.  A HUGE thank you is extended to all the people who helped - both staff and parents.  We rely so much on volunteers to help us put on this events, we really could not do it without you.  Thank you also goes to BATUK for the loan of the Bouncy Castle which was a big hit with the children.