Cape Chestnut Fun Swim

During the afternoon of 4th December the Year 1 to 8 children from Cape Chestnut house were treated to a fun swim at Kongoni in recognition of earning the most housepoints this term. 

Chocolate cake and drink kept energy levels up as the children splashed, squealed and swam the afternoon away.  A total of 72 children were taken to the pool, in two groups, to celebrate their win.  Mr Masafu, Mr Franco and Miss Kamau joined them in the pool to play with the balls, noodles, floats and sinkers.  

This event marked the end of the old house system.  We say goodbye Podo and Cape Chestnut on Friday 6th December and will return to school in January as either a Simba, Chui or Duma.  Children voted last week to select our new house names and the big cats were clear winners. 

New house allocations were announced to all children this week and everyone is looking forward to the development of a third house.  We wonder which cat will be awarded the most housepoints next term?