Happy Hat Land – Key Stage 1 Production

Today we were taken to the world of Happy Hat Land, where everyone wears a hat.  The People of Happy Hat Land (the Year 1 children) explained how a Happy Hat keeps off the rain, snow, wind and sunshine.  The story tellers (the Year 2 children) told the story of how one day some Hat Sellers came to Happy Hat Land and in their basket was a beautiful silver hat that sparkled in the sunshine.  Everyone wanted the silver hat and ended up getting very cross.  The hat sellers showed them that they didn’t need to get in a wobble or a tizzy they could share the beautiful silver hat.  The Happy Hat Land people loved this idea and everyone was happy again.

EYFS Wheels Day


Children in Early Years tested their wheels on Wednesday at their Wheels Day event. It was such a fun moment as the children showed their skill in negotiating corners going over ramps and bumps and avoiding obstacles. They also demonstrated Effective Participation and Teamwork in the activities. The Matatu (taxi) business was at its best element as children bought tickets and waited for that moment when the traffic man would flag them off for the much-awaited ride. To ensure full function of the wheels, there was Fuel Station, Vehicle Registry section and a Car Wash with attendants ready to serve the riders. It was such fun that some of the teachers could not resist from testing some of the wheels as well.

The Neanderthal Experience- Year 3 History Trip to Lewa

On Wednesday, 11th October, Year 3 children were out at Lewa for t heir historical enquiry lesson. They were overly excited to explore the historical remains of the prehistoric period looking at primary sources of evidence at the Stone Age museum.

Led by Calum and Sophie Mcfalarne, the children discovered that the hand axes used in Kenya by the Neanderthals were made out of volcanic stone and not flint that was found in Britain. From the evidence, they deduced that the hand axes were skilfully made as killer frisbees that could be thrown and spin around piercing the target from the sharp end, skinning animals and to woe women as the men showcased their skills.

The children were then led to the discovery of the Rock Gong, a musical instrument which was tapped for worship and later on used as a game of bao.

This was culminated with lighting a fire and eating lunch in a cave just like it was done in the Paleolithic times.

The children had a fantastic experiential history lesson.
Asante Sana Calum and Sophie Macfalane for organizing and leading this History session.

High Ropes Adventure Camp

Friday, 29th September – Saturday, 30th September

The scouts had an exciting overnight camp at Batian’s View over the weekend. The planned activities provided them with greater opportunities to build up on their Behaviour for Learning skills such as Team Worker, Effective Participator, Self-Manager, Reflective Learner and Resourceful Thinker. There were a variety amusing and exhilarating activities such as the chicken dance, scream, sky walking, zip lining and tree climbing.

The very energetic scouts are very much looking forward to the Braeburn Mega Scouts Camp in January!