Dinky Charge 2017

The school took part in a fund raiser to raise money for Rhino Ark. This was introduced to us by Keiran Avery who took part in the Rhino Charge. The idea of the Dinky Charge is for children to build their own cars and then to pull them on a string through an obstacle course which was built at school. The children competed in pairs and were timed from start to finish. Every time the car rolled five seconds were deducted of their time. Children entered in good numbers and some very good cars were built. There were 3 categories for year one and two, year three and four and year five, six and seven. The children did very well and a total of 140,000 was raised by the primary school. Well done to all who made this possible.

Year 1 and 2 Year 3 and 4 Year 5, 6 and 7 Best Cars
1st Caroline & Ethan 1st Corey & Clive

1st Jamie & Flynn

Julia & Jade
Paramvir &Maynuel
2nd Gabriel & Rafe 2nd Theodore & Hector

2nd Robin & Nicholas

Most Money raised
Noah and Paramvir
3rd Lottie & Angela 3rd Rufous & Fynn

3rd Wesley & Joseph


Early Years Einstein Week

Is toy car magnetic?The Early Years children had an exciting week exploring various scientific and mathematical activities and experiments inspired by the great scientist, Albert Einstein. The ‘Little Einsteins’  had  opportunities to explore and experiment by  measuring capacity, length, distance and weight. They also explored properties of water, water absorption in flowers and magnetism among others. Children experimented using baking soda, food colour and vinegar to create their own volcanoes. Oh! what colourful explosions! The children were enlightened by the observations they made and learnt how to record some of their findings. Indeed, it was an exciting week as the children felt proud and confident that they  were gradually becoming great mathematicians and scientists.Classifying the different leaves