2017 Speech Day

This year’s Speech Day message was based around the interpretation of the Jar of Life. The Jar of Life was introduced in our very first assembly this term using a story about a wise teacher who kept filling a jar with various items although it already looked full—rocks, marbles, sand, water and salt. All the children and teachers were challenged to interpret the meaning of the story shared and the message it gave  them during follow-up class time. 

This theme was re-introduced in our Speech Day by Ms Kioko and the meaning of the story was related to the BNIS values and ethos. 

The coloured  balls in the jar represent our school values of Readiness, Respect and Safety. The values that we have been focusing on in this term.

The coloured marbles are the children, parents, teachers and staff that make up BNIS. The marbles are of different colours and shapes illustrating our diversity and internationalism.

The sand is everything else, the small stuff, the every-day things that make us tick.

The salt brings about healing, although it hurts to experience this there is a positive outcome of it’s use. 

Finally, the Spritz adds that sense of fun and humour in the school—something we value as a basic necessity to  motivate learning.


The Tempest - School Play

Performed by Years 5, 6 and 7 on Wednesday 28th June, 2017

Years 5, 6 and 7 did indeed tell us a story – an incredible tale of magic, monsters and betrayal’ on Wednesday afternoon. The Tempest was a great success and the team received a lot of positive feedback from the audience some of whom would like to see the whole thing again. In response to these comments, we would add that we enjoyed the whole production from auditioning, singing, rehearsals, learning of Shakespearean language, acting and dancing to the final magical performance complete with costumes and face-paints and a wonderful audience. We particularly thank our parents for providing costumes and supporting with learning of lines at home. Great thanks to the face-painting team also – Sabine Looij,  Catherine Freeman, Elena Dahlfet, Michele Daykin - a great job which helped the children get into role for the ultimate performance.

The story took place on a mysterious island in the middle of nowhere and what a wonderful scene was set with the backdrop created by Mrs Bebbington with the help of Ms Songoro, Mrs Henderson, Rose and Param. 

The main inhabitants of the island were Prospero (Joseph) and his daughter Miranda (Miggy) with Caliban (Wesley), Prospero’s slave, Ariel (Electra) and many magical spirits. Prospero created a huge storm, a Tempest, to shipwreck other characters on the island. Together these island characters led us through the story with amazing solo singing parts accompanied by Ms Songoro on the piano and Mr Sam on guitar. They all worked together very professionally to interpret the delivery of the story. 

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed.

Mrs Karen Henderson