Farmer's Market

A variety of fresh produce from our local farms in the environs was available in today’s Farmer’s Market. There was something for everyone. Looking forward to the next one!

Let’s Get Cycling! Year1 – 4

Years 1-4 children were overly excited to bring their bikes to school for play. From washing up their bikes to cycling on a set course with a challenge of cycling on mud patches, the children had a great blast!

A big thank you to the Year 5-8 children who volunteered to supervise and support the younger children on these days. They can’t wait for their Bike Days next week!

Teddy Bear Day at EYFS

Teddy Bear Day in Early Years was all about caring for others, understanding and talking about each other’s feelings (including our own) and sharing our experiences with our teddies. This was done through a wide range of learning opportunities provided for the children and their teddies. Though the focus was primarily on Personal Social and Emotional Development, the activities closely linked to other areas of learning. There was; a teddy bear picnic, teddy bear stories, describing our teddies, making cards for our teddies, teddy bear music (action songs and sing along), teddy bear sizes, teddy bear feelings and teddy bear play time. All this to show our teddies how much we love them!

Open Afternoon

Open Afternoons for parents in Key Stage 1—Key Stage 3 were well attended  this week with various activities designed for children to work with their patents taking place.  The Q & A sessions that ensued were  useful with immediate questions and concerns being answered. BNIS continues to operate an open door policy and you are always welcome to approach your child’s class teacher during the course of the term and year.