Christmas is coming

Friday 7th December was our last day at school before Christmas and what an amazing day it was! The children arrived first thing to find that our wooden reindeer had been stolen!!! They then spent the morning gathering clues around the BNIS ‘mansion’ meeting possible suspects in order to work out who the thief actually was. 

The morning, based loosely on the board game Cluedo, saw children ‘earning’ clues by completing various challenges in different ‘rooms’ around the school hosted by the suspects, including Mrs Black, Professor Plum and Reverend Green! There was a lego challenge, a noise quiz, an obstacle course, a dance-off, riddle solving and a number of other activities. When children had completed all the activities everyone gathered in the quad to solve the clues. It turned out that Mrs MacKay (AKA Miss Scarlet) was the criminal!!!! After being ‘arrested’ she apologised profusely and returned the reindeer safely back to where they belonged!

Parents joined their children halfway through the morning and set up picnic spots all over the quad. There was a relaxed sing-a-long of 'Ding Dong Merrily on High' and 'Jingle Bells'. The singing was obviously loud and clear as it prompted the sound of a helicopter overhead that was carrying FATHER CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!

With much excitement, everyone ran to the school field to watch the helicopter land. Santa, surrounded by around twelve helpful elves, then made his way over to the school to watch carefully chosen gifts being distributed. Books, pencils and other bits and bobs were received by delighted children. Each of them got to thank him personally when he visited every class group for a photo and a quick chat. Unfortunately, he said he was rather busy at that time, so he then jetted back off in his helicopter to deliver more presents to happy children. What an absolute delight to see him in person!

Families then continued with their relaxed picnic in the sun (which thankfully showed its face after a week of heavy rain!!), snacking on their own food, or that purchased from Carol’s Cafe who set up shop in the school hall. After adults and children joined in for ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’, everyone made their way home to enjoy some well earned rest and family time for a few weeks. 

Tae Kwondo champions

On Wednesday 28th November children from across the school competed in a Tae Kwondo match and undertook their termly grading test. In front of their parents, children sparred, broke bricks and performed sequences with a professional and mature attitude. Through their weekly Tae Kwondo lessons they learn how to develop focus, control and discipline as well as have a good time!  Tae Kwondo is available to any student from FS1 to Y8, more details can be sought at the school office. 

Their Tae Kwondo ‘Master’ – Benson – proudly watched them receive their new grades and medals during assembly on Wednesday 5th December. All children moved up a grade and three individuals reached the highest accolade – a black belt!  Well Done Jed, Clive and Maynuel. There was huge pleasure displayed on every child’s face as they stood proudly wearing their medals for the rest of the school to see.

Reading to the extreme

We have received lots of photos within our Extreme Reading focus this term.  Children have been captured reading:

  • on the trampoline
  • in army vehicles
  • on motorbikes
  • in trees
  • in fireplaces
  • with birds on their shoulders
  • in helicopters
  • on roofs
  • upside down
  • with wild animals
  • milking a cow

It has clearly been a lot of fun for everyone.  There is still time for photos to come in and if you want to see the full range, please feel free to pop into the library to take a look!