At Braeburn Nanyuki we have been obsessed with Poetry for a few weeks. On Friday 18th January we held the finals of our poetry recital competition for the children in Years 1-3. The children in Years 4-8 followed in assembly the week after on Friday 25th January. Then on Saturday 26th January three superstar performers took part in the annual, Nairobi Academy Verse Speaking competition in Karen. 

Mrs MacKay and Mrs Gould were delighted with how enthusiastic the children across the school were about auditioning for the competitions. 

The auditions for the Nairobi competition were held before Christmas and resulted in Hayley (Y2B) representing the school in the Under 8 category, Chloe (Y3) representing the school in the Under 10 category and Fynn (Y5) representing the school in the Under 12 category. All three children are very keen performers and excel in theatre and public speaking. They took part with absolute dedication and were well-prepared after practising thoroughly. Mrs MacKay was overwhelmed by how well all three children performed and they should feel very proud of themselves. We are proud of all of them and are thrilled that Hayley placed 2nd in the Under 8 category – the highest placing child in all the Braeburn schools!!!

The in-house finals were also of a high standard and judges were under pressure to choose between the entrants. Children all selected, practised and performed a poem of their choice. There were funny poems, classics, home-written verses and poems that held strong messages. Both finals were extremely enjoyable and there were lots of proud parents in the audiences. Thank you to everyone for coming to support and well done to all the competitors and winners!

Winners in the in-house competition:

Year 1 – Liam     Year 5 - Grace 
Year 2 – Nora Year 6 – Jessica
Year 3 – Finn Year 7/8 – Elsa, Electra & Hallie
Year 4 – Willow

Y1-3 swim to win

On Thursday 24th January BNIS held the first of three swimming galas. The children in Years 1-3 gathered together with much excitement to show off their swimming skills to their parents. For some this was their first time taking part in a swimming gala and for others, they have swum many lengths!

To open the show, eight girls from Years 5-8 treated the crowd to a magnificent demonstration of sychronised swimming. Despite having only had a single rehearsal, the group looked professional, elegant and composed. It certainly brought a smile to all the watching children and adults faces - thank you girls, and thank you to Mrs Bebbington for expertly training them in such a short space of time!

The children in Year 1-3 then took to the pool to show off their skills. They flutter kicked, froggy swam and free styled their way down the pool with, and without aids.  It was amazing to see how well children had progressed year on year, and also how determined those who are not yet free swimming were. Children who had never swum a full length achieved their goal on the day and parents were delighted with what they saw. 

Mr Masafu and Mr Franco organised an event that ran without hitch and showcased almost every child's ability - thank you to them both.

The gala ended with a parent race, three mums took to the pool and were fantastic role models for their kids.  The tumble turns were absolutely professional!  This unnerved the men slightly but we still had four dads step up to the mark.  It was a strong start from all but sadly one got delayed after looping his arm into the lane tape!  Thanks to all parents who attended and particularly to those brave enough to compete in the parent race!  

Scouts Camp Out

The scouts had a great time last weekend during the Mega Scout’s Camp was held at Batian’s View in Naromoru. The three day camp was packed with loads of challenging but exciting activities including: tree climbing; tent pitching; shelter improvisation; knot tying and cooking food in the woods. Working in age group patrols, the scouts demonstrated how exceptional they were as self managers, effective participators, resourceful thinkers, reflective learners, independent enquirers and team workers.


Coco under the stars

Friday night was movie night and what a beautiful night it was. The sky was clear and the moon and stars were on full show. Families arrived and quickly settled into their spots to watch the sun go down. There was even a 'small' pizza delivery for a few of the families who had clubbed together - thank goodness he didn't drop them!

Coco was a very enjoyable film which, drawing on Mexican folklore, follows the journey of a young boy who wants to be a musician. Kids and adults enjoyed the film but especially spending time together as families.

The children in Early Years have been exploring space through their topic 'The World Beyond'. The movie night presented the perfect opportunity to use the telescope that had been loaned to the children by a kindly family.  It was set up in the quadrant alongside the audience, allowing lots of viewers to get 'up-close' to the moon.  Mr Gould even managed to capture a remarkable photo, using his phone, through the telescope.