Y5 step out

The Year 5 children were able to take part in an exciting field trip yesterday! They visited Harambee, a local NGO here in Nanyuki. They graciously welcomed the childreb to spend a day with them, learning what they do here in town and for the community.

They have a workshop with large-scale machinery to build with both wood and metal. The children were able to see all of this machinery in use, learn the names and see what they make with it all. They take pride in their work, sell to the community, and hire local masons to train them well in this trade.

They also do beekeeping at Harambee, building the hives, collecting the bees, and selling the honey. The children learned all about bees, how they live and work in the hives, and how Harambee uses that honey for their business and the community.

Harambee has a large garden where they grow fruits, vegetables and herbs. The children walked around the garden, learning about the different plants, and even tasting fruits right off the trees! They learned about how some plants are medicinal, some grow better than others here in Nanyuki, and the life spans of different plants/trees.

Everything on the trip was educational and fun, but the best part was the food. Harambee makes their very own PIZZA in their homemade Italian pizza oven! The children were able to watch the pizza being made—from their fresh and homemade ingredients—and see how the pizza oven works.

The Year 5s loved their field trip and the educational opportunities it gave them linked to their learning from this term!  Thank you to Harambee for hosting and a big thank you to Mrs Lettsome for organising this trip.

Read to the Top of the Mountain

Children from FS1 to Y8 are currently being challenged to see if they can Read to the Top of the Mountain. Each child is being asked to read at home at least five times each week. Every child has an individual mountain they need to ‘climb’ by recording their home reading each week. They then get the chance to be part of the whole school ‘mountain climb’ by collaging a large scale picture in our library. The challenge is running for six weeks and we hope to have a complete mountain by the end. Please feel free to visit the library to see how we are getting on. All children who complete the challenge, by reading at least five times for all six weeks (including during half term), will receive a certificate to prove that they ‘Read to the Top of the Mountain’.