Irrigation Fascination

The children came to school bubbling with excitement on Thursday 21st March following a STEM focused week filled with talking about irrigation and creating working models in their classes. On Friday 22nd - World Water Day – they worked hard to show off what they’d been learning and creating at the Irrigation Fair.

At the Irrigation Fair systems made by each class were on display alongside some systems that had been made by children at home with their parents. Each stall was rotationally manned by two children from the class who enjoyed describing how their systems worked, if/how they conserve water and the challenges they faced with the model making. Two year groups chose to showcase historical water transport systems – one from the Roman era and one developed by the Egyptians. 

Each class had the opportunity to explore the Fair and interview the children manning the stalls. Children gave suggestions on improvements which were recorded on feed-back forms. A huge amount of peer-to-peer learning took place and all children showed pride and ingenuity throughout the whole week of focused work.

Thanks go out to all the children for making it such a fun event.  Particular thanks are extended to Mrs Bebbington and Miss Kamau who came up with the idea and brought the whole thing to fruition.

Mystery at Magpie Manor

Today the children from Years 3 and 4 presented the Mystery at Magpie Manor for their parents. It was a truly fabulous production which had the audience laughing throughout.

The children took us back in time to the 1920s, to Magpie Manor, the home of Lord and Lady Pica. Unfortunately Lord and Lady Pica had fallen on hard times and could not afford the extensive repairs that were required for the Manor. Mr Fortune - the bank manger - recommended that they sell their last remaining asset - The Pica Pica Solid Silver Pitcher with a Magpie Picture  - to fund the repairs.

The family agreed to host a Grand Ball, featuring an auction, to raise as much as possible from The Pica Pica Solid Silver Pitcher with a Magpie Picture.  Scribble and Blot (Mr Fortune's bumbling assistants) were tasked with guarding the pitcher. The guest list featured a number of celebrities including Winston Churchill, the Prince of Wales, Einstein and Charlie Chaplin.  

During the Grand Ball, guests were astounded to find that The Pica Pica Solid Silver Pitcher with a Magpie Picture had vanished!!! Ex-Inspector Spectre, who had been hired to lead secuirty, took it upon himself to launch an investigation. Another guest - Agatha Christie - also decided to investigate, much to the Ex-Inspector's irritation! 

After checking alibis of both housestaff and guests, nothing was any clearer until the gardener Basil Bud appeared with two bags he had found in the moat. One of the bags contained the missing Pica Pica Solid Silver Pitcher with a Magpie Picture to the horror of the assembled housestaff and guests. Agatha Christie was clever enough to notice that the bag was tied with one of the Ex-Inspector's handmade ties he had so proudly displayed to everyone. She also revealed that he was NOT the Ex-Inspector but was actually long-lost cousin Percy Pica who had come to lay claim to the pitcher as his inheritence. This information was greeted with a loud gasp as everyone realised the true enormity of the situation!  Percy Pica was then arrested.

When the second sack was checked, a Medieval hoard of jewellery was inside! This was valuable enough to fund the full repairs of the manor as well as getting Lord and Lady Pica out of financial difficulty! Hooray for this find, jobs were safe and the party continued.

The production was a true theatrical masterpiece. Every member of the cast excelled and there was a hall full of proud parents. Thank you and well done goes to everyone involved but especially to Mr Gould and Mrs Jenkins for the blood, sweat and tears they shed to bring the whole thing together!


A huge thank you and well done goes out to our parents and children for the ‘Mountain Climbing Reading’ efforts!!!  The challenge was a great success with over 80 children reaching ‘the top of the mountain’. Please pop to the library and take a look at the wonderful, collaborative  collage we created during the challenge.  Well done everyone! 

Look out next term for our ‘Reading Bingo’ challenge.....

Our reading challenges are designed to encourage children to read (or be read to) more at home.  The importance and benefits of reading can never be stressed enough.  Regular reading FOR CHILDREN OF ALL AGES:

  • expands vocabulary
  • leads to improved spelling
  • develops understanding of the world
  • improves concentration
  • exercises the brain
  • develops imagination
  • makes better readers
  • positively impacts across the curriculum
  • and so so so much more!

For those of you who already had good reading habits instilled at home – keep it up!!! 

For those who developed a new routine through the challenge – keep it up!

Here are some interesting statistics which may encourage some of you to do a little more!

Football Fever

What a phenomenal Football Festival we had on Friday afternoon! It was the Annual U7 BNIS hosted event.

A total of four schools participated, each entering two teams: Braeside A & B, Mt. Kenya Academy A & B, Braeburn Imani A & B and the hosts Braeburn Nanyuki A & B.

Our B team performed extremely well but unfortunately did not make it through to the quarter finals on goal difference. Despite a not so strong start, our A team played remarkably well and fought their way all the way through to the finals! 

The final was a nail biting game that was taken to penalties.  All bystanders, including parents, teachers and headteachers were on edge as shot after shot was taken.  A fantastic save put us ahead but we were sadly not out of the woods as the next shot went wide!  Our final penalty taker took to the spot under extreme pressure - her shot was win or lose for us, and...SHE SCORED!!!!!  Braeburn Nanyuki had won the tournament to the huge delight of everyone. 

The excitement throughout the day was unparalled, the children displayed great talent and resilience and above all everyone present had LOTS of fun! Bravo to everyone involved especially the coaches - Mr Mulongo, Mrs MacKay and Mrs Mills-  and thank you to Mr Masafu and Mr Franco for all their hard work to organise the event! 

U11 Boys and Girls get Hockey-tastic

On Friday 1st March a team of girls from Years 5 and 6 alongside a team of boys headed off to Nairobi to take part in a Hockey tournament.

The girls got off to a good start and played very well throughout the tournament. The team didn’t concede any goals and also did not lose any matches! This was the first competitive game of hockey the girls have played all term and they managed to hold off teams that have been playing matches throughout the season – well done team! The highlight of the tournament was when Anika scored a superb goal from the top of the D against Premier Academy. The team unfortunately missed the semi-final by 1 point but still made us proud. Good work girls!!

The boys unfortunately lost their first game against Braeburn Gitanga by a solitary goal that was scored during injury time. Their second game ended in a draw against the hosts - Nairobi Academy. They won their third game against Brookhouse but played to a goalless draw against Gems and St Christopher’s School. The team ended in 3rd position in our pool.  WE were particularly delighted that two of the boys received double nominations for best players in the tournament. Well done the boys!!!!