Bag Mystery

The first arrivals at school on Tuesday 2nd July were shocked to find a strange sight in the quad – there, hanging from a tree, was a battered bag, the contents of which were scattered across the ground underneath. The children were surprised and intrigued and there was an immediate buzz across the school whilst they shared their theories and ideas. There was discussion of aliens, foul play, helicopters and parachutes. The strangest thing was that no one seemed to have actually seen anything which led to many children having thoughts of conspiracy and set-ups. 

Throughout Tuesday, children talked to staff, and to each other, to expand their ideas and theories. They visited the scene and discussed who could have owned the lost belongings, what some of the belongings actually were and how the bag ended up in a tree. It was a great event to happen during transition day and their first experience in their new class groups for the 2019-20 school year.

On Wednesday children across the school, from FS1 all the way to Year 8, wrote about their theories. They wrote from the perspective of the person who found the bag, or from the perspective of the bag owner, to share their ideas. This work was their ‘Big Write’ for this term and will be used by new teachers to inform planning and teaching for next year. 

On Thursday morning, children arrived at school to find everything had disappeared – the mystery will never be solved!

Moving On

We have many children moving on from BNIS this year to places far and wide. There are children moving to Sweden, to Portugal, to the UK,  to Germany, going to boarding school, relocating to remote Scottish Islands, transferring to Nairobi schools or moving up to senior schools. This is tough for any child, let alone those who have been at the school for most of their lives. 

To support the children with this big move, they spent the two days of transition altogether. This means they did not have to travel up to the new classes and find out about what they will not be becoming part of. Mrs Gould planned two days of fun for them and spent time chatting to those who are feeling a bit overwhelmed by their impending move. 

The departing children, from the current FS2 to Year 8, had a great time playing outdoor games, creating Goldsworthy Art, sewing a bunting flag, building a structure from spaghetti and marshmallows, creating a shared replica of a Paul Klee painting and writing their account of the Bag Mystery. They also created thank you cards and some wrote speeches for the Leavers Assembly on Friday. 

Mrs Gould had a wonderful time and would like to thank the children for their enthusiasm, as well as the support she received from some of the staff! 

Everyone at BNIS wishes every one of our leavers all the best at their new schools and we can’t wait to hear how they are getting on.


On Friday 28th of June at 9am parents parked up and trooped into school to watch the Year 5 to 8 performance of Aladdin.  The hall was full, the actors ready...let the show began!

With many comedy lines, colourful costumes and some stupendous performances, the children took the audience on a journey through the traditional pantomime story of love between Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. The clever addition of some well-known names made for some particularly funny moments which caused many ripples, and some tidal waves, of laughter to resound around the hall. 

The children and staff involved had clearly worked very hard. Thank you to everyone for coming to watch, to the staff for hanging in there, (even when lines looked like they’d never be learned!) and most of all, to the children for putting on such a good they didn’t, YES THEY DID!

Speech Day

Our annual prize-giving Speech Day was held on Monday 24th June in a marquee on the school field. It was the first time this setting had been used and our spectacular view provided a beautiful backdrop to the event, particularly during the al fresco buffet lunch afterwards.

We welcomed Mr Andy Hill, Braeburn’s Managing Director, as our guest speaker.  He and Miss Kioko gave speeches during which the departing Year 8 students were reminded that moving on and growing up sometimes seems daunting but, is something we can embrace and enjoy. 

Our outgoing Head Girl – Electra, and Head Boy – William, gave their final speeches to the listening audience and showed great maturity and confidence. We were also delighted to welcome our 2019-20 Head Girl – Anika, and Head Boy – Nicholas to their roles. They both took to the stage with ease and will no doubt continue in the footsteps of Electra and William in leading the student body as superb role models. 

The event saw children in Year 1 – Year 9 commended for their academic achievements and efforts as well as those individuals who were recognised for excelling in certain areas including sports, performing arts, leadership and Internationalism. 

There were many proud parents in the audience alongside some very proud teachers. Well done to everyone who received an award this year, keep up the good work!

Entrepreneurial Children

On Friday 14th June we launched our Entrepreneur’s Week. Children in Years 4-8 were challenged to get together in groups, set up a business, plan a product or service to sell, cost their resources, create a rough business plan, apply for a loan, shop for their resources, market their ideas, create their products, set up a market stall, and then sell, sell, sell! The children in Years 1-3 worked as a whole class to do the same with the support of their class teacher. 

Earlier in the school year it became clear that many of our children have a natural desire to trade.  We felt the need to nurture this, whilst also educating the children how to undertake this sort of activity sensibly, so Entrepreneurs Week was conceived.

All week the school was filled with a buzz of excitement whilst empowered children took control of their own learning. They were encouraged to ‘make good business decisions’ and work together to ensure they made a profit. The ideas they came up with were very varied including: massages, nail painting, cake stalls, book marks, key rings, drinks, smoothies, coffees, biltong, raffles, guessing games, fair games and more!  A total of 40,000ksh was borrowed and fingers were crossed that the loans would be repaid.

The week culminated in our Entrepreneurs Market which was held in the quad on Friday 21st June 2.30 – 3.30pm. Children put lots of effort into displaying their products and advertising their services. At 2.30pm, the EYFS children arrived, clutching their shillings, ready to spend. At the same time, the school gates opened and many parents arrived to shop with children.  Every stall had planned their staffing so that children go time to shop as well as spend.

On Monday 24th the children pulled their accounts together, repaid their loans and declared their profits.  The profit raised - almost 40,000ksh!!.  This money has been donated to COMMUNITIES HEALTH AFRICA TRUST ( and will be used by them to support their work in the Nanyuki Slums.  It was such a fun experience, the week will definitely be back next year!!