Braeburn Nanyuki International School

Braeburn Nanyuki International School is a co-educational, multicultural school teaching an international version of the National Curriculum of England. Currently we teach Early Years to Year 7 (12 year olds), but in line with our ongoing commitment to education in Nanyuki, expanding into Year 7 in September 2016 and continuing with that organic growth into Year 8 in September 2017, taking the age group of students up to 13 years old.

Situated at the foot of Mt. Kenya, Braeburn Nanyuki is set in beautifully landscaped gardens with a panaromic view of the mountain. The wood and stone architecture ensures our school blends neatly and unobtrusively with the surrounding natural environment, while large windows allow as much natural light as possible into classrooms as well as providing breathtaking views. We also value the shaded areas and large playing fields that provide endless opportunities for learning outside the classroom.

More than that, we want to give your children an unforgettable experience – a chance to excel as an individual, exploring their strengths and having the opportunity to discover who they are and who they can be. When your child eventually leaves us, we want them to be able to look back on their time at Braeburn Nanyuki with happy memories and a desire to take what they have learned and experienced to make their world a better place.

We look forward to warmly welcoming you and your child to become a part of the Braeburn Nanyuki family – for life.

Eva Kioko, Head of School

Latest News

Hog Charge at Peponi School

 Hog Charge is a mountain Bike  event  aimed at school children to get them actively involved in Conservation fund raising and in so doing, they would learn about the efforts to conserve the forests of Kenya, how to inter-react with sponsors, learn team work and also give them a challenge ...

Year 7 and 8 Art Retreat Weekend

Year 7 and 8 pupils thoroughly enjoyed spending a few days at Tambuzi Farm, using the environment to inspire sketching.  Observational skills were progressively developed through extended opportunities to draw from real life.  Gathering of items from the natural environment and setting up a still life allowed pupils ...

2017-2018 Junior Orchestral Weekend at St. Andrew’s School

‘Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.’ Mattie Stepanek Malaika Dia (Violin) and Rose Ndeto (Flute) joined 200 young musicians from over 12 prep schools all over Kenya. Featuring for the first time were the Ghetto Classics who performed alongside the junior orchestra ...

Accreditation and memberships

  • Association of International Schools in Africa