All students have the opportunity to take part in extra-curricular activities. Our wide range of activities provide academic, physical and artistic opportunities in addition to the curriculum. The extra-curricular programme supports the development of the individual, their access to the current curriculum and their future prospects for study, work and as confident individuals and global citizens.


Our airy and open environment is stimulating and designed to facilitate our school aims and there are extensive facilities in the school compound to provide academic, physical and artistic opportunities.

Beyond the classroom

At Braeburn Nanyuki we aim to ensure that we maximise opportunities for children beyond the classroom. We believe that as well as enhancing their childhood experiences, this helps them to develop into well-rounded individuals with a wide range of skills that may be of use in their futures.

Our community

Braeburn Nanyuki has a strong community ethos, where we actively encourage our parents and guardians to become part of the Braeburn family, forging friendships that will last across the miles and years.

Home-School Partnership

At Braeburn Nanyuki we actively encourage an open and honest home-school partnership. Our home-school diaries, newsletters, and parent forums help us to maintain a healthy relationship with the Braeburn community. We also have volunteer 'Class Links' who provide information and create links between other parents. Our FANs volunteer parent group support us with a range of things including and most notably fundraising and social events.


Children at Braeburn Nanyuki can take advantage of our fleet of yellow school buses, with most of the Nanyuki area covered by a convenient route to school. 


All Braeburn students are required to wear a school uniform, except for children in the Crèche class.

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Cambridge International Examinations
BTEC Level 3
GL Education Assessment Excellence
Association of International Schools in Africa
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Council of British International Schools
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