Through our chosen curriculum, we aim to prepare our students for adult and working life in the 21st century.

The educational vision and curriculum design for Braeburn Nanyuki recognises that:

  • The future world will be very different to the world of today.
  • The pace of change is increasing, hence the importance for flexibility and creativity.
  • Young people have, and will have increasingly, greater access to information and learning material independently of school.
  • The importance of being internationally minded.

The following section describes the aims and themes that underpin our curriculum at Braeburn Nanyuki, and more details is available about the specific curricula followed in our Early Years, Primary school,  through to Year  7 and 8. 

Our Curriculum Intent

At Braeburn Nanyuki we value every child as an individual with great potential. We are driven by the shared vision of every student being a confident individual, a responsible citizen and a successful learner alongside all the schools within the Braeburn Group.

Our curriculum, led by the UK National Curriculum, embraces our location and our whole community’s shared passion for the outdoors, nature and conservation. We plan learning experiences that enable our transitional population to make progress within the National Curriculum expectations and to have the transferable skills required to facilitate an uninterrupted education wherever they end up in the world.

Our curriculum embraces and positively exploits the natural environment and resources that surround us. It enriches our children’s experience and understanding of global culture. We embrace the opportunities of the virtual world to expose our children to a broader array of experiences from within The Arts; current affairs; and events and people of significance. Our curriculum is built on a set of values that are interwoven throughout. These drive confidence, build character, promote social cohesion, celebrate diversity and encourage thoughtfulness, kindness and empathy.

Our enquiry-based, cross-curricular approach is focussed on uncovering, and creating links to prior, future and current learning in order to embed skills and knowledge into long-term memory.

Braeburn Nanyuki International School is a happy and caring environment where children feel confident and can flourish.

The impact of our curriculum can be seen in this progression document.

Our curriculum promotes:

The Performing Arts

Maximising and celebrating creativity through participation in performances and developing musically, through music lessons and opportunities to learn a musical instrument.


Promoting physical activity and competitive aspirations. Games lessons are dedicated to the major sports of the terms and we have a well established inter-school sports circuit, as well as inter-house competitions within the school, allowing for all children to compete. 

Active lifestyles

Swimming lessons are part of the timetable and we have broad extra-curricular programme that includes variety of sport, arts and the sciences. 

Personalised Learning

We believe that every child is an individual and as such has individual needs. When your child starts school at Braeburn Nanyuki, he/she will be informally assessed by the class teacher in order for them to understand what level they are working at. If your child needs additional learning support or are very able, our Inclusion team will work alongside teachers to plan support and challenge materials for your child. Any extra provision is regularly monitored and updated.

Outdoor Learning

Developing environmental awe and wonder and appreciating the need to protect and respect what the outdoors has to offer.

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Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
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