A Year in Crèche

18th June 2022

It has been a wonderful year in crèche. The children have learnt to socialise away from their family in a safe environment, meeting and making new friends. This experience has helped the youngest members of Braeburn to develop their self confidence and quel any fears and uncertainties surrounding school life.

In addition to this, the children have begun to develop the skills needed for team work: learning to cooperate, take turns and share with one another. Early Years teachers have enjoyed seeing the growth of children over the year, not only with regards to their physical dexterity but also in their ability to regulate and communicate their emotions.

Academically, children have benefitted from a range of planned activities, where they have learnt to focus on tasks and improve their resilience.

After such a successful start to their time at Braeburn, excitement is now building amongst the children in Creche for their move up to FS1 in September.