Artistic Endeavours

5th February 2021

We began the term looking at our whole school book ‘Here We Are’. This formed a stimulus for the creation of information health posters and mini nature documentaries. The students impressed us with their Performing Arts skills, writing and performing thought-provoking pieces.

Year 6 and 7 then began exploring Japanese Art. They have analysed the importance of Sakura - Cherry Blossom across the Japanese culture. Year 6 worked in socially distanced groups to create Cherry Blossom trees using paint and tissue paper. Three beautiful trees are now blooming in their classroom. Year 7 skillfully used the medium of watercolour to bring their interpretation of Sakura to life. Both year groups have also been developing their pen sketching skills. Year 6 have produced beautiful guided drawings of Mount Fuji. While Year 7 have been experimenting with creating their own interpretations of The Great Wave.

This half term Year 8 have focused on Design Technology, working on a project to create their own mini speedboats. They started with sketching different designs, then focused on how to increase the potential speed of their design. Most opted for the use of lollipop sticks and an elastic band to create a tensioned propeller. They demonstrated maturity and skill using; Stanley knives, junior hacksaws and glue guns to bring their designs to fruition.

Year 6 Tissue Paper Chery Blossom Trees .jpeg

Year 6 Cherry Blossom Collage

Year 6 Blossom Tree Collage .jpeg
Sketching Cherry Blossom.jpeg

Year 7 Water colours Cherry Blossom

Fynn Watercolour Cherry Blossom.JPG
Treza Cherry Blossom.JPG

Year 6 Mount Fuji Guided Sketches

Mount Fuji Sketch - Delisha Yr 6.jpg
Mount Fuji Sketch - Elin Yr 6.jpg

Year 8 Mini Speedboats

Rufous 2.JPG