Bike Week

26th November 2021

The school has been abuzz with excitement these last few days, as children took to the track for Bike Week.

The PE department’s carefully choreographed course included rumble strips, dirt mounds and even a giant ramp for the bravest riders. Starting from Wednesday, the children took it in turns to put their skills to the test, honing their talents and performing breathtaking stunts.

In true BNIS style, bike week has also been a fantastic opportunity for children to demonstrate their kindness to one another: sharing their bikes and cheering each other on and generally using the week as an excuse to spread good cheer and sportsmanship.

Excitingly, the end of Bike Week brought with it the first FANs Family Fun Friday since before COVID; it was so wonderful to be back as a Braeburn community, with a bake sale, bouncy castle, and refreshments on offer. Thank you to BATUK Welfare for lending us the bouncing castle as well as to our hard working team of FANs volunteers for making the event such a roaring success!

As if that wasn’t enough excitement, the event was also capped off with the return of the infamous mud run! Children took it in turns to ride their bikes through the ditch on the school field, which had thoughtfully been converted into a muddy gauntlet by the PE department.

Well done everyone who took part - hopefully the mud will come out of your clothes eventually!