Celebrating our differences

20th January 2023

This Friday, BNIS held Diversity Awareness Day. Both children and staff dressed to impress, wearing an array of outfits, highlighting everyone’s differences and uniqueness. From traditional national dress, to horse riding outfits, to football stripes, everyone got into the spirit of the event and celebrated something special to them.


During the day, there were wonderful conversations happening around celebrating what makes us special rather than letting it set you apart, being proud of your differences rather than ashamed of them and being more open minded about the beauty all around us in the diversity we see everyday in each other, “The world would be a boring place if we were all the same.”


Year 4 led us through a ‘diversity’ themed assembly, demonstrating what it would be like if diversity was not celebrated. You could hear the mutterings around the theatre as the children wondered about the lack of diversity - Why does the fruit salad consist of only one fruit, why do the drawings of a rainbow only have one colour, why are all the children reading the same book? They ended their performance with a very catchy song - so many colours, so many shapes, we all look different, but our hearts are all the same!


One of our parents, Mr Ottih, came to speak to each class during the morning to share his experiences of life with a stammer. A very big thank you to him for taking the time to educate us on what makes him unique. His message was clear, it is important to believe in yourself, to accept who you are and then to use it to your strengths to achieve your dreams. As well as inspiring the children to not letting obstacles get in their way, he shared important messages about how to talk to someone with a stammer. We hope this will help us all to be even more inclusive.


Even though our population at the school is a diverse one, it is extremely important that we still work hard to understand that there is still work to be done to remove barriers, value differences we see in others and, most importantly, celebrate and accept how very special you are, just by being yourself!

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