9th May 2024

This short week, the KS3 children started learning about energy changes and transfers. They have demonstrated an understanding of, and appreciation for, what energy is and different energy stores in the universe.

One demonstration they particularly enjoyed was bouncing on pogo stick whilst trying to illustrate the elastic potential energy contained in the spring inside the pogo stick.

Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 12.45.48.png

The week also provided an opportunity to reinforce some of the concepts of energy that they had previously covered, including electrical energy (energy as a result of moving electron or current), kinetic energy (energy in moving objects) and light energy (energy contained in moving light particles or photons).

IMG_3364 (1).JPG

Did you know runners have more energy in their kinetic energy store when they are running faster? We wish our Cross Country runners many joules of kinetic energy this Saturday during the event!

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