Entrepreneurial Success

14th January 2022

This week we celebrated the incredible entrepreneurial success of every year group at our end of term Entrepreneur’ Market. We were delighted to announce the profit that each year group made:

Year 1 had a stall bursting with wonderful mulitcoloured rag balls, gift bags and Christmas trees. They made over 2,500KSH.

Year 2 delighted their customers with delightful picture frames, practical tin-can pencil pots and stockings. They made nearly 6,000KSH.

Year 3 represented the eco warriors, making beautiful paper mache plant pots complete with sunflower seeds making nearly 3,000KSH.

Year 4 reworked old cardboard creating characterful gingerbread people, handprint wreaths and also made a herd of loo roll reindeers. They made over 6,500 KSH profit.

Year 5 showed off their versatility as designers making everything from croton nut creations to sugar cookies and punch.They made a whooping 12,900KSH profit!

Year 6 appealed to the ornithophiles repurposing plastic bottles to form bird feeders, tie dye tops and goodie bags. They made over 6,000KSH.

Year 7 were rushed off their feet making personalised beaded name bracelets. They demonstrated their sewing skills making beanie creatures and neck warmers and created a range of beautifully illustrated bookmarks making them nearly 5,000KSH profit.

Year 8 took care of the shoppers' Christmas bauble needs, with handmade woolen pompoms. They also made a series of plastic bottle pencil cases and muticoloured playdough, they turned over a profit of over 5,000KSH.

Congratulations to all our year groups for making a profit and a special shout out to our Y5’s who were our most profitable entrepreneurs!

Having budgeted, designed and created their wares, I’m sure you will agree it was a delight to see the children practicing their sales patter as they worked hard to sell all their items. All children were exposed to and improved on a range of excellent life skills during our Entrepreneurship fortnight.

Thank you to all the parents who supported the children and bought items. Our Year 8 Charity Prefects will now work with FANs to find a local charity who we can donate the profits to.