EYFS Bike Day

25th November 2021

On Wednesday 24th November, the EYFS children arrived in school full of buzz and excitement with their parents in tow, helping to bring in their bikes and helmets. After the usual morning routine and early snacks, children headed off to the primary field where they had their demarcated track.

Teachers witnessed some lovely negotiating skills and use of brakes for safety. There was a fueling station for ‘refills’ and it was exciting to see the children using ‘money’ to pay for their fuel. There were also some quiet activities in a tent for the children when they needed a rest.

After the long ride, the children rode to the washing area where they cleaned their bikes until they were good as new.

We hope that all the children will continue to ride their bikes and look forward to soon seeing some of the stabilisers off!

Here are some benefits of cycling for children:

  • Cycling improves fitness and encourages children to get fresh air and Vitamin D.
  • It encourages a child from a younger age to be healthy through exercise.
  • Cycling raises the heart rate, keeping hearts and bloody circulation healthy.
  • Cycling boosts a positive mental attitude, and can help take the mind off everyday stresses and anxieties.
  • Cycling helps to create memories and bonding time with family and friends.