EYFS Talk for Writing

22nd April 2021

Storytelling appeals to everyone and provides a chance to participate in a way that we each can enjoy. Early Years have really got into storytelling, through “Talk for writing” (an approach by Pie Corbett), this year and have continued this during remote teaching and learning sessions. The work involves children internalising texts, identifying transferable ideas and structures and using these to create new versions of stories.

This week the FS2 children have been working on the story 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell. They examined the structure of the story and used it to create stories in small groups, based on woodland creatures. The shared stories had rabbits, reindeer, elephants and ducks, going on picnics or midnight adventures, and running into problems which the animals creatively solved together, achieving happy endings.

The children were challenged to create their own individual story and they all eagerly stepped up to the plate full of creative ideas. The characters included lions, cheetahs and tigers, diplodocus, unicorns and zebras, just to name a few. Each child, confident in their individual masterpiece, created a story with a beginning, a middle and a happy ending. We think the story creations would give Martin Waddell a run for his money and make Pie Corbett proud!

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