French Delight

7th June 2024

Having returned from the mid-term break, it was a delight to see the Year 3 children back, bursting with enthusiasm for their ongoing exploration of the French language. Recently, their focus has been on the vocabulary related to objects found around the classroom, an interactive topic that has sparked their interest.

IMG_4095 (1).JPG

In their class groups, the children embarked on an activity where they drew and named various objects found in their classroom. They then took their first steps in writing short sentences in French, describing what they see in their learning environment.

IMG_4092 (1).JPG

An essential part of their learning journey involved transforming singular nouns into their plural forms while using indefinite articles. The children applied their newfound knowledge with enthusiasm, identifying whether a noun is masculine, indicated by 'un', or feminine, indicated by 'une'. When changing a noun into its plural form, they learnt to use 'des', regardless of the noun's gender. The children found this aspect of French grammar, where every noun has a gender, an interesting part of the language.

IMG_4102 (1).JPG

We also conducted a brief oral session where the children spoke, in French, about what is in the classroom. The practical application of their learning not only improved their speaking skills but also boosted their confidence in using a new language.