FS2 Get Into Character

16th September 2022

FS2 children started their Who Am I? topic this week with the story Owl Babies, by Martin Waddell. This is a story about three owlets' bravery and sibling support as they wait through the night for their mum to return. Ultimately, it is a story about coping with temporary separation, just like the big feelings children have to deal with at the start of a school term.

Through listening to the story, the children have had the chance to think about how the owlets were feeling. We have talked about the owl family in the story, who is in it, and then drawn pictures of who is in our own families.

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To get to really understand the characters, we have learnt some cool facts about owls; the children loved that they can nearly turn their heads all the way round. The children had a great time making owl masks all ready for Thursday when we practised moving like owls, silently and swiftly. We pretend to be hunting for prey at night. We re-enacted parts of the story, using the climbing frames as trees. The children took turns at pretending to be one of the owlets or the mum and talking to each other and behaving in character.

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As hoped, the children are all making a wonderful start at noticing links to themselves; their families, their feelings and how they are doing.

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