FS2 Super Stars

13th May 2022

At BNIS we believe that Early Years Foundation Stage PE and Sports are key in the acquisition of new skills, confidence and ability. Our children are lucky to do that in a fun and supportive environment with passionate specialist teachers. In addition to this, children enjoy non-structured physical activities like swinging on the monkey bars, climbing trees, bike riding, and walking and balancing on play equipment designed and manufactured by Braeburn’s workshop team.

PE (2).jpg

The children have also been developing their love of reading by going to visit the Primary library which was recently returned to its former splendour (check the school website to find out more about this and other school development projects). The children got to explore a wide range of books and even borrow some to read at home; this has been a great experience for all children in EYFS, but particularly so for those in FS2 who will be leaving Early Years and joining Primary in just a few short months!

library (2).jpg

It has been lovely to see how our new joiners have been made to feel at home at BNIS by the FS2 children. A core aim of Early Years education is the development of social skills which allow children to interact positively with one another and teachers often draw from stories as a means of delivering this content. The warm welcome that our children always offer to new pupils is testament to children’s ability to think about others’ feelings whilst managing their own.

Children in FS2 ended the week on a high with their wonderful assembly where they shared their learning with parents and other children in EYFS. Their hard work paid off and the assembly was a success; we are sure that this boost to their confidence on stage will help them as they begin preparations for the EYFS performance - There's a Sunflower in my Supper - which will debut at the end of Term 3.