Hands on Mathematicians

17th June 2022

This week, students in Year 7 have been reviewing and extending their sense of number. They have covered everything from solidifying their recall of number facts for integers (whole numbers), to spending time on mental maths, to perfecting their written methods of calculation. In KS3, students are also expected to be able to use algebraic facts in order to solve a range of equations.

One of the highlights of this topic was the chance for children to get hands-on with their calculations, using different approaches to solve algebraic problems. The science store was raided and the different components of equations were substituted with beakers, petri dishes and counters in order to help children visualise each stage of their calculation. Through all this hard work, their confidence and capabilities were boosted as they were able to take an abstract approach to problem solving. They were also able to scale equations up and down in order to complete solve a range of more complex algebraic equations.

This approach to maths was a big hit with the whole class and has massively helped to improve Year 7’s enthusiasm for algebra!