Inspiring Innovators

14th October 2021

In English lessons, Year 8 students have been reading and discussing The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. It is the true story of a boy from Malawi who - despite incredible hardship - built a windmill and changed his family’s life for the better. It has been eye-opening and inspiring for students to learn more about William’s life and his ability to persist and overcome challenges. (This book has also been made into a fantastic Netflix film!)

In connection with our reading, each Year 8 student chose an innovator to research and write about in a short biography. Some of their innovators of choice included Stephen Hawking, Steve Irwin and Nikola Tesla. After learning about these innovators, each student created a poster and presented their learning to the class.

Also, connected to our reading, Year 8 Students learned a bit about different inventions and how they work, starting with the windmill, of course. They have also researched and written about inventions such as the camera, the car and even the humble ballpoint pen!

English 2.png