Into the Shooting Circle

9th February 2024

The dedication and enthusiasm demonstrated in our PE classes has been brilliant this term.

In the initial weeks of the term, our emphasis across the school was on improving dribbling techniques. Through structured drills and exercises, players have worked on developing their stick and ball control on the field. The progression from basic proficiency to a more refined approach to dribbling has been rewarding for the Sports Team to witness.


The foundation of effective team play in hockey lies in precision passing. Our children have enhanced their passing skills through instruction and practice, emphasising accuracy, timing, and effective communication on the field. This foundational skill strengthens their capabilities and fosters a sense of cohesion within the team.

IMG20240208134230 (1).jpg

Players' goal-scoring skills have also been a focus. They've learned various techniques, from powerful drives to clever deflections through drills and simulations. These activities not only improve offensive skills, but also foster a strategic mindset, making every attempt a calculated step toward success.

IMG20240208140019 (1).jpg
IMG20240208140031 (1).jpg

The defensive strategies cannot be forgotten! Children have participated in exercises aimed at intercepting passes, blocking shots, and strengthening our defensive line as a team. Their efforts to master defensive skills highlight their understanding of the sport's tactical nuances and the importance of a balanced team approach.

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