Joined Up Sports

6th February 2020

We were joined by the youngest children from Waldorf and Hampton schools today for a fun sports event. Children, threw, ran, jumped, hopped and balanced their way through a range activities as the morning progressed. The activities gave them a chance to show mums and dads what they are able to do, and how their physical skills have developed whilst being at school. It was a lovely atmosphere and was enjoyed by everyone!

We hope to do more joined-up work with the local schools. This event, alongside our new 'local sports league' and an upcoming production of My Fair Lady with Hampton School, is just the beginning!

Thank yous go to:

  • Mrs Mathu and her EYFS team and Mr Franco for all their hardwork at this end
  • everyone at Hampton and Waldorf for coming
  • all the parents for your support and enthusiasm
  • BATUK Welfare for the last minute loan of the Bouncy Castle