Kindness Week - Early Years

18th November 2021

Kindness week started with a Bang! A Kapow! With children and adults arriving on Monday morning in the most wonderful collection of superhero outfits. Down in Early Years some of our favourites were a surgeon in full scrubs, a kindness fairy who was handing out homemade glittery kindness coupons, tea towels around shoulders, decorated pillow cases, card-board cut-outs painted, collaged and topped off with glitter. It was such a fun and magical day, and most importantly the message of kindness rang out strong. Children brought in their teddies and trains to share with those less fortunate. We had good discussions about what kindness means and looks like, writing our ideas on leaves and adding them to our kindness tree. ‘Say sorry’, ‘say thank you’ were already quite clear in the minds of our little ones, but we talked about big words and concepts like being respectful and how that applies to all things, our toys and books, the adults and teachers in school, our fellow classmates and other children and of course the natural world, animals, insects, birds and fish. One lovely idea put forward was that it is really kind to learn everyone’s name and use them when you see them, which I think we can all learn from. Another child suggested that a simple smile is very kind and can make someone having a bad day feel better. It has been such a heart-warming week, with an important message relevant to the time of year. As Christmas approaches it is important to reflect on what is really important, how we can make other’s feel happy, what we can do and give.