Laikipia County Unveiled

21st March 2024

Year 5s have been learning about the countries in East Africa. They delved further into studying the flags of these countries analysing the meaning behind the colours and symbols used including the stars, triangles, stripes. We then wondered what the Laikipia flag would look like if our county did not have one.


The children beamed with pride when discussing Laikipia, and then thought of various features that would symbolise Laikipia county and created fantastic artwork.

Considering the unique characteristics of Laikipia County, the children explored diverse elements to encapsulate its identity in a flag. From the sweeping savannah plains to the towering peaks of Mount Kenya, the vibrant culture of the Maasai and Samburu people and the presence of the British Army Training Unit in Kenya, they envisioned symbols that resonate with the essence of Laikipia.


One proposed design for the Laikipia County flag features a central motif of Mount Kenya, symbolising the county's significant geographical presence within the region.

The colours chosen for the flag reflect the natural hues of Laikipia's terrain, with shades of green representing its lush vegetation, while ochre tones symbolise the arid landscapes characteristic of the region. Additionally, splashes of vibrant red and blue pay homage to the vibrant cultures and traditions of the Maasai and Samburu communities, who are an integral part of Laikipia's cultural fabric.


Upon viewing the array of creative designs, a child expressed the difficulty of selecting just one, acknowledging the excellence of each proposal. Ultimately, the decision would likely rest on which design best encapsulates the diverse beauty and spirit of Laikipia County, showcasing its natural wonders and cultural richness for all to see.

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