Language and Culture

29th February 2024

The Year 2s and Year 3s have been exploring the country in both French and Kiswahili lessons this week.

For the Year 3 children, the world became their classroom as they embarked on a virtual tour of geographical wonders ‘en français’. From the majestic peaks of 'Mont Kenya' to the serene waters of 'Lac Naivasha' and 'Lac Victoria', the children marvelled at Kenya's diverse landscapes.


With colour pencils in hand and imaginations soaring, they brought these landscapes to life, adding a splash of ‘couleur’ to their language learning. Through phrases like "j’adore" (I love), "j’aime" (I like), "je n’aime pas" (I do not like), and "je déteste" (I hate), they expressed their opinions on these natural marvels, weaving language with personal reflection.


Meanwhile, in the Year 2 classroom, Kiswahili lessons unfolded into a celebration of family – 'Familia' – the heartbeat of society. From "mama" to "baba," "dada," and "kaka," children learned the names of their family members, grounding language in the warmth of home.


In lessons, the air resonated with laughter as they engaged in traditional songs and games. Who hasn't heard of the thrilling chase of "Watoto wangu wee..." where the mighty 'simba mkali' (the dangerous Lion) prowls, seeking its prey? Amidst giggles and gasps, they solidified their vocabulary through songs like "Baba Kidole," transforming learning into a joyful symphony.

Using expressions like "Mimi ninapenda" (I love), "Mimi sipendi" (I do not like), and "Mimi ninachukia" (I hate), they voiced their sentiments, bridging language and emotion.

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