Latest in KS3 Maths

30th April 2021

In Year 7 the children have been exploring probability for the first time. This began with learning about the correct notation, we then moved on to Sample Space diagrams, frequency trees and probability trees. The children seemed to have enjoyed the topic and have worked extremely hard. Here are some examples of their work:

Year 7 Pic 1.jpg
Year 7 Pic 2.jpg

In Year 8 everything has been about lines and angles – angles in polygons, angles on a straight line, angles around a point, angles in triangles and angles in parallel lines. The children will be having nightmares about angles for weeks to come!!! Everyone has worked extremely well and made great progress in this area of Maths:

Year 8 Pic 1.jpg
Year 8 Pic 2.jpg
Year 8 Pic 3.jpg